Are you are suffering from an injury that has resulted from a motor car accidents, a fall, a sporting injuries, a work related or domestic associated incident?

Not all injuries are the same but they do have one thing in common: it is important to have all injuries assessed and treated as soon as possible as this reduces recovery time by quite a considerable margin.

Here at Mount Street Chiropractic Centre we combine massage and physical therapeutics together with chiropractic care to accelerate the healing to time and to maximize positive outcomes to all injuries.

Injuries when left along can cause greater problems beyond their original site of occurrence. Hence an injured shoulder could result in neck pain, chronic and frequent headaches, elbow and wrist stiffness. A hip injury can result in lower and upper back and knee pain.

Chiropractic care could be the solution for managing both your chronic (long term) and acute (short term) injuries.

Mount Street Chiropractic Centre is a premium chiropractic healthcare service. We combine chiropractic with massage and other therapies to accelerate healing. Our chiropractor Dr Donnoli has extensive diagnostic expertise and experience. Having completed over 1.2 million adjustments means we offer faster results in most cases.

Dr Donnoli's techniques and procedures are performed in accordance with the ACA (Australian Chiropractors Association) guidelines. This means that a strict protocol is followed in each assessment, diagnosis and treatment of a patient.

When patients experience an injury a thorough case history is first taken to determine the cause and (likely) mechanism of the injury and to confirm whether chiropractic treatment is suitable.

Our team take the time to understand your case history. Then a full examination of your injury takes place.

This includes an assessment of the location of the injury, as well as a thorough review of the muscle and neurological systems. Occasionally further tests (such as x-rays) are recommended to help with the diagnostic process.

After analysis of your results, your diagnosis and a recommendation will be discussed.

Dr Donnoli allocates adequate time to address questions or any concerns that you may have.

All assessments and treatments are based on sound clinical practices and techniques and a positive client outcome is our main priority.

Treatment will not commence until a patient’s consent is given and we complete the required protocols.

We look forward to supporting you in your quest to reach a better level of health in a safe and professional environment through Chiropractic care.