Are you in pain? Injured or managing a chronic condition? Get in touch today to learn how Chiropractic is a great solution for headaches.

Mount Street Chiropractic Centre is a premium chiropractic healthcare service, combining chiropractic with massage and other therapies to accelerate healing.

Dr Donnoli’s diagnostic expertise and experience carrying out over 1.2 million adjustments means we offer faster results in most cases.

All treatments are done with safety and the patient’s requirements in mind.

All techniques and procedures are performed in accordance with the guidelines as directed by the ACA (Australian Chiropractors Association) and a strict protocol is followed in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of patient presenting complaints.

Headaches will affect over 80 of people some at sometime in their lives.

Whether it is of a chronic (long term) or acute (short term) type, neck pain can be quite debilitating.

It can affect concentration, mood, productivity and relationships.

Medication is the normal form of therapy for both acute and chronic headaches.

However chiropractic offers an alternative approach: a natural one: no drugs but instead it uses the body’s natural ability to heal.

The process starts with an extensive case history during which time the cause of the headaches will often reveal itself.

This is then followed by a full examination of the neck which includes an assessment of the range of movement of the neck, as well as a thorough review of the muscle and neurological systems.

Further tests (such as x-rays) maybe recommended if it is believed they will be of benefit and help in the diagnostic process.

Once the physical examination and case history and further tests (if applicable) are performed, all the data is reviewed, and the results are then presented to the patient in an easy to follow format.

Adequate time is put aside for questions or any concerns that the patient may have.

The treatment that will most benefit the patient’s lower back pain is then discussed.

Treatment will only commence once patient consent is received and all protocols are complete.

All assessments and treatments are based on sound clinical practices and techniques and a positive client outcome is out main priority.

So how effective is treatment? A study found that after a short course of manual therapy, three quarters of participants reported that the frequency of their tension type headaches had dropped by 50 per cent.

We look forward to supporting you in your quest to reach a better level of health in a safe and professional environment through Chiropractic care.